Good Dance Shoes Are A Necessity For Good Dancing

What would dancing be without dance shoes? For most men, choosing the right men’s dance shoes can be a burden. What most men do not know is that there are various types of men’s dancing shoes. Some dances even have their own type of dancing shoes. Remember guys, sneakers, or shoes with rubber soles, sandals… Read More »

Inspirational and Trance Dance as Paths to Spirituality

Inspirational dance may become trance dance but trance dance is always inspirational but not necessarily improvisational. However, improvisational dance can lead on to inspirational dance. Inspirational dance only happens when Mind, Body and Spirit are in perfect harmony. This harmony is a spiritual state which has nothing to do with established religion as such. It… Read More »

Higher Standards in Dance Education

In order to run a day care or nursery school, one needs to be certified. To teach in the public schools, one needs at least a bachelor’s degree, preferably a master’s degree. College dance programs require their faculty to have college degrees in addition to professional experience. So, what do you need to teach at… Read More »

Seducing Your Dance Teacher

Many men can develop a romantic (or at least sexual) interest in their dance teacher. They then of course have thoughts about seducing her. This is not uncommon or unsurprising. If you spend that much time with a woman and get that close to her, then you will of course start to think about her… Read More »

An Overview of Arabian and Turkish Belly Dancing

Arabian Belly Dancing was initially considered to be sacred as it was considered to be related to goddess worshipping. It is not quite possible to find the true origins of this dancing. Arabic belly dance is considered to be somewhat a misnomer as the dance involves more parts of the body than just the belly.… Read More »

Dance Forms Of Kerela

The dance forms are performed both by men and women. Men have more dance forms than women in this state. It is very difficult to classify these dance forms on the basis of social, religious and marital grounds. The dance forms in Kerela are worshiped and have become the life of the people performing them.… Read More »

How to First Date? Where to Take Her?

My answer depends upon how much fun you want it to be? The more fun you want to get out of it the more informal your date should be. You don’t even need to go to to a restaurant if you 2 are meeting during school/college/university hours (I dare say during you school/college days if… Read More »

Employing a Singapore Maid – What You Should Know

Most of us have probably already heard of the practice of Singaporean households of employing a Singapore maid. If you are living in Singapore, you should understand why you need one. You should also know what it will take before you can start employing a Singapore maid. Reasons for Having a Maid It is not… Read More »

Singapore Maid Problems – How to Deal with Them

Singapore maid problems – you probably have them when you employ a maid in Singapore via a Singapore maid services agency.As a side-note, please note that Singapore maids are also known as Singapore domestic helpers, au pair, foreign domestic workers, caregivers, “ah-mahs”, or nannies. Some even take them as Singapore babysitters! The more experienced maids… Read More »

Earth Quakes And Volcanoes

The fireworks of a volcano and the trembling of the Earth during an earthquake are two of the most dramatic and terrifying happenings on our planet. They are both caused by the slow movement of the plates of the Earth’s crust. A volcano is a place where molten rock, called magma, comes to the surface.… Read More »