Stories Of Who We Are And How We Eat by Julien Haller

Writers are up for judgment on a whole raft of criteria. And, while writing as an activity may be both personal and cathartic, publishing is public and dangerous. Necks have to be stuck out and reputations have to earned, at least by any writer not pre-selected for the pulp route. Too often, the private does… Read More »

Book Review: Making It by Amanda Gibbs

Love has many faces and Amanda Gibbs invites you to discover one of these through her book Making It. Her stories are not restricted to a single literary form, but take on whatever serves them best, so you can expect anything from prose and poetry to vignettes. Actually, Making It is like a written photo… Read More »

A One Horse Town

It was a unique little town. There was no law enforcement in Freedom, Oklahoma; no police, no judge, and no jail. It appeared that citizens living there made their own laws. The residents policed themselves resenting any law getting too close to their town. The word spread fast among the residents when one of them… Read More »

An Analysis of Pierre Menard: The Author of Quixote by Borges

I would like to analyze the story based on the literary codes developed by Barthes. They are: the hermeneutic code, Proairetic code, the Semantic Code, the symbolic code and the cultural code. For Barthes, the hermeneutic code represents the enigma of the text. The Proairetic code represents the spatial and temporal dimensions. The Semantic code… Read More »

The Three Best Dragon Short Stories

A long time ago, there is a king who has three sons who like hunting for games. One day, the eldest goes out hunting and a hare passes by. He keeps chasing after the hare until he comes to a mill behind the castle. The hare turns into a dragon and draws him into his… Read More »

Review of The Ten Miniature Jewel Swans Short Story

Jim Roberts decides to carry out a robbery on the rare jewel swans displayed at his relative’s shop. He wears a black mask and enters into the shop with a gun. First, he asks the cashier to turn over all the money in the cashier machine. Next, he breaks the cabinet glass and steals the… Read More »

Fake News: Libyan Slave Markets – Exclusive Report

What is up with this current fake news about Libya slave markets and aggrandizement of the Gaddafi regime? After CNN came out with video of slave auction markets in Libya, all hell has broken loose online and on mainstream media. Reports of African slaves being auctioned in Libya and the true ongoing horrors of immigrants… Read More »

The Spirit of India Is Dying – Save It

“A parochial, selfish, narrow-minded nationalism has caused so much misfortune and misery to the world. A mad and exaggerated form of this cult of nationalism is today running rampant… “, said Justice A P Shah, former Chief justice of Delhi High court, quoting M.N. Roy. I am not a regular writer neither I pretend to… Read More »

Young India – Time to Awake

A nation awakes with the awakening of its youth. Youth decides the upcoming future of its nation. India is a country of dreams. A place where dreams are turned into reality with honest efforts. As a citizen of India, we are more inclined towards bringing the golden past of our rich heritage closer to the… Read More »

Long Term RV Parks or Tiny Houses?

The definition of reclaimed wood quoted from Craftmark, Inc. states: “rustic (nail & bolt holes, large knots and checking, distressed patina, circle sawn, rough cut, worm wood, etc) to nearly perfect clear vertical grain (CVG) wood that is next to impossible to find. Yes, it’s old. But it’s appealing to a new generation of homeowners,… Read More »