Vision Insurance for the Elderly

By | December 26, 2017

Unfortunately, most people do not think of it as critical. It is bought separately from general health insurance policies and often thrown in with other types of insurance, most commonly dental insurance. Additionally people are not always aware of how to care for their vision. As we age, our vision, like the rest of the body, degrades.

However, to show how critical vision is, compare the following facts.

Even with the medical advances, restoration of full vision is nearly impossible; so once lost, very little can done to restore vision to its previous strength. This is not true of most body parts including teeth
It is relatively cheap to insure vision, vs. dental or health insurance

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Policies are relatively simple to understand, unlike health insurance policies with their myriad exclusions
Before we get into insurance, let us talk about common vision ailments and what you, as an elderly person, can do to prevent vision problems.

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