Freshwater Fishes Versus Salt Water Fishes

By | February 10, 2018

Looking for a new hobby? Do you enjoy looking at and raising animals in the convenience of your own home? If you are, then you should consider buying yourself an aquarium with fishes in it. Looking after and raising fishes or marine animals in the comfort in your own home is one of the most wonderful experiences that you can ever have. But, before you go and buy yourself an aquarium, you have to choose whether you should get freshwater or saltwater fishes (saline fishes) to raise in your tank.

Here are 5 pros and cons of having either salt or freshwater fish or marine animals.

1. Saline fishes are more expensive than freshwater

With saline fishes, the equipment required to raise these fishes are much more expensive. For instance, the water filter must be specifically made for saline fishes which are about five times dearer than freshwater filters.

2. Salt water marine animals are generally more prettier than freshwater marine animals

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Salt water marine animals are generally more colourful and pretty than fresh water ones. Freshwater marine animals tend to be more dulled coloured, where else salt water marine animals are more colourful and tend to have all sorts of colourful patterns. For example, clown fishes are very bright with dark colourful markings compared to goldfishes which are monotonous in colour and pattern.

3. Non-salty fish tank requires less maintenance

With non-salty fish tanks, you don’t have to change the water as frequently as a salt watered fish tank. Also, salt watered fish tanks require constant water quality checks to make sure the right salinity levels are maintained so that salt water fishes are able to tolerate the salinity.

Salt watered tanks also require salts to be regularly dissolved in the water. This can be a headache because it is quite frequent.

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