The Spirit of India Is Dying – Save It

By | March 6, 2018

“A parochial, selfish, narrow-minded nationalism has caused so much misfortune and misery to the world. A mad and exaggerated form of this cult of nationalism is today running rampant… “, said Justice A P Shah, former Chief justice of Delhi High court, quoting M.N. Roy.

I am not a regular writer neither I pretend to be a learned man but I know there’s something wrong in the way some people think and behave in our country today. Though it’s not a recent phenomenon in any way but such instances have most likely shown a spike. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t pretend to know everything. So much of what I will describe now will be the things I see with my own eyes. I may be wrong and willing to accept and rectify my mistakes.

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Some 70 years ago, when we finally “awake to life and freedom”, much had changed and much remained to be changed. Our freedom fighters realized it and so did our first policy makers. They sat down together; discussed, deliberated and debated the future of our country and what came out of it was the Indian constitution which remains till date one of the most dynamic and progressive ones. Now I don’t want to pester you with what it contains because one, you don’t really care and two, if you would have really cared, I would not have written this article. But intricacies aside, what it really represented was the notion and vision of new India that our forefathers had for us.

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