Fake News: Libyan Slave Markets – Exclusive Report

By | March 6, 2018

What is up with this current fake news about Libya slave markets and aggrandizement of the Gaddafi regime? After CNN came out with video of slave auction markets in Libya, all hell has broken loose online and on mainstream media. Reports of African slaves being auctioned in Libya and the true ongoing horrors of immigrants drowning trying to escape Africa for EU countries has outraged the world.

Twitter has erupted in total revisionist history of the real Gadaffi era.

video link :https://wp.me/p945CC-yA

I began reporting on Libya in 2010 before the revolution and ouster of Gadaffi. Years ago I became friends with a gentleman from Misrata (Misurata) whom I trust to answer my questions and tell the truth on the situation on the ground in Libya.

My 2015 4th anniversary of the revolution in Libya report highlighted triumph and tragedy as to what transpired in Libya during the four years after the revolution.

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