Review of The Ten Miniature Jewel Swans Short Story

By | March 12, 2018

Jim Roberts decides to carry out a robbery on the rare jewel swans displayed at his relative’s shop. He wears a black mask and enters into the shop with a gun. First, he asks the cashier to turn over all the money in the cashier machine.

Next, he breaks the cabinet glass and steals the jewel swans. He puts each swan carefully into his bag. Before he left the shop, he breaks the shop window and this sounds the alarm. Finally, he gets into his car and step on the oil pedal to escape.

When the police arrives, the shopkeeper told them that they suspect it is their relative that has carried out the robbery. So, the police calls his brother George and George calls Jim and ask if he could visit him. But Jim is not there when he pays him a visit at his house.

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So, George enters into his house and starts to rummage his stuff in hope to find some evidences. He found bits of jewels. Just about this time, another person enters and he scoops all the small jewels bits into a pouch and take it to a lab to examine. They find out that the jewels bits have nothing to do with the jewel swans that have been stolen

One day, George accuses Jim of robbing the 10 jewel swans. Jim is panic and he gets into the car. He speed in his car and the police follow right after him. His car collided into a traffic light and he has to get off the car.

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