The Three Best Dragon Short Stories

By | March 12, 2018

A long time ago, there is a king who has three sons who like hunting for games. One day, the eldest goes out hunting and a hare passes by. He keeps chasing after the hare until he comes to a mill behind the castle. The hare turns into a dragon and draws him into his mouth with the coil of his tongue. The same thing happens to the second brother. Finally, the third brother sets out. He did not follow the hare to the mill but he later comes to the mill where he meets an old woman. The old woman promises to ask the dragon about the secret of his strength. The dragon reveals to the old woman that he lives in a great lake that surrounds the three sides a distant kingdom. In the dragon is a wild boar; in the wild boar is a hare; in the hare is the pigeon and in the pigeon is a sparrow.

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The third prince, when he learns about this from the old woman, disguises himself as a shepherd and got himself hired as the king’s shepherd. For two days, he calls out the dragon of the lake and engage in a fight with it. Everything happens just as the old woman say. The sparrow tells him that his brothers are hidden behind a metal door near the mill. In the end, he did found his two brothers after opening the metal door.

There is a dragon that keeps devouring the people in the neighborhood. The king promises to reward the dragon slayer with the hand of his daughter marriage. No one knows how to kill the dragon except through the wisdom that is engraved on Solomon’s signet ring. A courageous young man sets out to east to look for the ring. He meets a wizard who helps him to understand the bird language. One day, he overheard two birds talking about a witch maiden who knows about Solomon’s secret ring. The young man follow the birds to the spring where the maiden comes to wash her face every full moon.

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