A One Horse Town

By | March 12, 2018

It was a unique little town. There was no law enforcement in Freedom, Oklahoma; no police, no judge, and no jail. It appeared that citizens living there made their own laws. The residents policed themselves resenting any law getting too close to their town. The word spread fast among the residents when one of them would spot a state trooper or a sheriff’s vehicle staked out on a nearby highway.

Most of the people living in and around Freedom were farmers or ranchers who’d become frustrated and angry when their hard work and efforts at farming and ranching continually failed to pay off. Even when they’d have a good wheat crop it didn’t mean that they’d receive a fair price for their time and efforts. Much of the farmer’s financial success in Freedom, Oklahoma depended on how high the government valued the price of wheat that season.

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Mother Nature continuously took a heavy toll on the local farmers who were forever challenged by drought, wind, rain, and insects that occasionally, vengefully destroyed their crops. The obstacles that the people seemed to face in their day-to-day lives sometimes destroyed the souls of those with little hope or faith. Most of the farmers in Northwest Oklahoma lived on a prayer and a shoe string. New farming equipment was extremely expensive, and available only to a chosen few. Many of the farmers could barely afford to pay for the seed needed to plant their crops, let alone replace their aging equipment. They depended on operating loans from the local banks and government assistance to help them eke out a living.

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