Secure Your Business Data With Microsoft Products

By | September 29, 2017

Every business organization generates valuable information or data that is an asset of the firm. With increased number of cyber-attacks and data breaches, companies are now compelled to implement various methods that can help them to safeguard their critical data when in rest or during data transfer over a network. Securing system and data of course begins with identity based controls and it is this identity and access management features that are available in various Microsoft business products that help to protect the data from any unauthorized access by making it available only to the legitimate users.

We all are aware that encryption is the best process to protect data when in transit. It is a process of encoding the data that can only be read by authorized persons. The encrypted data help to protect from hackers and intruders. Microsoft products and services are based on encryption and adopt industry standard transport protocols for more data security.

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Microsoft goes beyond the password and the username model to offer stronger authentication. Robust tools often make it easy for the administrators to manage the identity. The products also provide a secured infrastructure that ensures protection of crucial data. The encryption techniques, algorithms, protocols can transfer data over a secured path while maintaining the privacy of the data.

Microsoft Azure: It is an open, flexible, cloud computing platform that is used to develop and manage applications through the network of data centers. It supports a wide range of operating systems, frameworks, tools, programming languages, databases and devices. The encrypted communication processes make Azure responsible for ensuring data protection.Azure Active Directory Identity protections offer a consolidated view of the risk event and also the potential vulnerabilities that affect the organizations identities.

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