Be The Definition Of Success By First Understanding Success

By | October 10, 2017

The word success has been variously defined by different people. None of the definitions is wrong but neither of them has been accepted as the universal definition of success because different people define the term differently depending on how the understand the term and that which they basing their definition on. It is however widely believed to mean or include that act of succeeding or accomplishing something. It may also mean achieving certain things which people treasure and value like wealth or money. Thinking in terms of wealth to measure success has however been challenged by many scholars in this area who believe that success goes beyond being in possession of material wealth to include peace of the mind, security, happiness and courage among others.

Some people aim at succeeding in one aspect of life like securing a political seat, or educating children, marrying a beautiful or handsome couple, securing a well paying job etc others aim at succeeding in various aspects like having a beautiful home, and at the same time an expensive car, good car, well paying job, high quality education etc. You must always have goals and other objectives in life that you want to attain within a specific period of time and once you achieve this you will have succeeded in that aspect.

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It is always possible and highly likely that you will succeed in some aspects and fail in others. You may succeed in marrying a beautiful or handsome spouse but fail on the other side if he or she is promiscuous or unfaithful. You can succeed in acquiring high quality education but fail to secure your dream job. You may succeed in securing a political seat in which you have power and authority but fail to set up a stable family. This list of examples is endless because there is no single person in the whole world who is successful in all aspects. People fail and succeed in different aspects and this is what organizes people in the social stratum depending on the specific aspects they have succeeded and those which they have failed.

Some writers have proposed that success should be determined or fathomed based on the material mental, physical, spiritual social, financial and emotional dimensions. Based on these you can set out the aspects in which you have succeeded or failed and the way forward. You will need to have the power of mind to realize any goals you have set forth and be successful as such. What causes the failure of most people is not that they do not work hard, not that they do not have well defined missions or agenda. Instead, it is because their minds are incapable of making the right decisions as well as choices at the appropriate times.

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